Telenor Group continues its focus on sustainability in business

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Global mobile operator Telenor Group has given an update on how sustainability guides its business practices across all its markets. The seminar, which was held in London, included presentations on its operations in Myanmar and Bulgaria, new transparency reporting, and featured a special session on human rights and privacy and freedom of expression.
The event is available as a webcast.

Telenor Group presented its sustainability efforts in Bulgaria, the most recent acquisition by the company. Telenor Myanmar updated on its progress with managing recognized risks within areas such as supply chain, legal framework and land rights. Telenor Myanmar CEO Petter Furberg briefed the audience on the extensive work being conducted to implement control mechanisms for challenges relating to underage labour, health and safety and rightful land ownership.

In addition, the Institute for Human Rights and Business presented preliminary findings from a survey on network shutdowns in Pakistan and the impact on affected communities.

Telenor Group is committed to operate responsibly in all aspects of its business. The seminar provided insight into how Telenor focuses on sustainable initiatives that create long-term shared value for the business, customers and society at large. The company also highlighted some of the key challenges Telenor and the industry are facing, and its drive to contribute to industry-wide transparency on privacy matters, such as government requests.

Telenor published information relating to privacy and freedom of expression on its website in connection with this event covering the company’s approach, requirements and reporting. This includes a legal and country-by-country overview on the number of authority requests for access to communication data and lawful interception where Telenor can disclose such information.

“As a global operator, we are expected to not only build and run modern telecom networks, but to go about it in a sustainable and transparent way. Telenor Group is acting on this responsibility and we are working to continuously improve our corporate governance structures and operate responsibly in all aspects of our business,’’ said Telenor Group Chief Financial Officer Richard Aa at today’s seminar.

Seminar speakers included Head of Corporate Affairs Katja Nordgaard, CEO of Telenor Myanmar, Petter Furberg, and CEO of Telenor Bulgaria, Stein Erik Vellan. Participating in the panel debate are Mai Oldgard, Head of Sustainability, Telenor Group, John Morrison, Executive Director, Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB), Muhammad Aslam Hayat, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Telenor Pakistan and Nicolai Pfeiffer, Telenor Group Privacy Officer.

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