Telenor Engages Schools in ICT Effort

Press release
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In 2005, Telenor made a major contribution to Norwegian schools through the Telenor Jubilee Project, celebrating its 150th anniversary. Telenor donated computers, programs and games to promote the ICT proficiency and media literacy of school children.

Training for young ICT users

One of the key elements of the project was HITcomet, a training programme designed to develop the skills of young ICT users. It was offered to all levels at comprehensive schools for all 14 -17 year olds via the Internet or CD-ROM.

Global Countdown

Telenor also created a game called Global Countdown where the participants had to consider global environment issues and ICT dilemmas, such as on-line threats, involving modern technology. Students were invited to an eventful day at one of the Telenor centres around Norway, where they could try their hand at the game. Telenor also organized a tour to give students in more remote areas of Norway the opportunity to play Global Countdown.
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