Telenor endorses EU policy and investment recommendations on trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

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On the heels of the publication of the European Commission’s Ethical AI Guidelines in April, Telenor is now also endorsing the body’s new policy and investment recommendations for the development of ethical, trustworthy AI.
Commenting from Singapore where she will be speaking on Trusted AI at Smart Nation Innovation Week, Ieva Martinkenaite, VP in Telenor Group and member of The European Commission’s High Level Expert Group (HLEG) on Artificial Intelligence said, “Building European leadership in AI requires massive investment and a strong focus on innovation. We must now start the journey towards endorsing and implementing the Recommendations.”

“This is important to Telenor because trustworthy AI can be a competitive advantage, and key to empowering societies,” she added.

Building on Europe’s Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI which were launched in April this year, Telenor is also pleased to contribute to the development of AI policy and investment recommendations for securing growth and competitiveness of Europe.  Through this engagement, Telenor is able to bring the key learnings from Europe to national AI strategy development in Norway and enrich the multi-stakeholder dialogues towards creating a sustainable digital future in its footprint in Southeast Asia. Telenor’s investment in AI research has seen the establishment of AI Labs in both Thailand and Norway.

Artificial Intelligence, IoT and other next generation technologies will be impacted by 5G when commercialisation of the standard begins in 2020. The EU’s recommendations also highlight the importance of 5G’s role in driving high-speed connectivity, connecting objects and infrastructure.

These new AI policy and investment recommendations come at a pivotal point in the development not just of AI, but also of complimenting technologies 5G and IoT. Together, the interplay of the three technologies stands to play a vital role in enabling the future of digital technology for industries, societies and states globally.

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