Telenor conquered the y2k-threat

Press release
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With the exception of minor local congestion in the mobile network shortly after midnight, Telenor has mastered the year 2000 transition with no problems.

The systematic effort over three years has paid off, says a relieved Mr. Kjell Engen, Director of Telenor's Year 2000 Programme. Still he emphasises the need for checking the equipment installed in businesses and public offices when staff returns to work after the holidays.

Thorough checks and upgrades of Telenor's networks and IT-systems since 1996, have allowed successful entry into the new millennium, and leave us with a feeling of pride and relief, says Mr. Engen.

Both mobile and fixed telephone systems have handled an extraordinary amount of traffic, but the ensuing difficulties for some callers were expected and seen as nondramatic.

Telenor has spent over one billion Norwegian kroner in the preparatory work, and has a staff of 2500 on duty over the New Year holiday. An international warning system for transmitting problem reports between operators around the globe has been operated by ITU, the international tele union. Mr. Ole Petter Haakonsen, Corporate Vice President, offers his unconditional congratulations to the effort by all staff preceding and during the start of the New Year.