Telenor celebrates 10 years of reinventing the workplace

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Initial skepticism was great, but for the last 10 years Telenor has thrived at Fornebu, a place built around the interplay between people, technology and the working environment.
Ten years ago, just before Telenor’s Fornebu headquarters officially opened, Norway’s largest newspaper VG reported that Telenor’s new way of working would crumble within 12 weeks, according to experts. Now, 10 years and an additional 130 million customers later, the Telenor Way of working thrives, not just in Norway, but in all of the company’s operations around the world.

Telenor’s Fornebu office was built around the interplay between people, technology and the work environment. It challenged the traditional ideas of what a workplace should be, with its open workspaces, paper-free desks, reliance on technology and integration of inspirational design in the everyday work life. Telenor’s prize-winning corporate headquarters at Fornebu has been visited by both Norwegian and international companies, such as Hewlett Packard and Microsoft, looking to be inspired and learn from this unique way of working.

It defines the way we work

“What we started 10 years ago when building Fornebu has today evolved into what we call the Telenor Way. It is a concept that defines the way we work, not just here in Norway but in all of our Business Units,” said Jon Fredrik Baksaas, President and CEO, Telenor Group. “We have come a long way in 10 years and we should all be proud to have been a part of bringing the Telenor Way of working to the whole of Telenor Group and beyond.”

The Telenor Way is how Telenor runs its business. It links the company’s culture, vision and values, Code of Conduct, governance and leadership expectations. The Telenor Way serves as a guide for employees, allowing freedom to make decisions but with knowledge of responsibilities and expectations when working in Telenor.

From Malaysia to Svalbard

“Telenor has achieved a great deal over the past 10 years. We are a global brand with global awareness. We are bringing mobile communications services to millions of people, from Malaysia to Svalbard. Our roots are in Norway but our reach is far, and we will continue to live by the Telenor Way and dedicate ourselves to bringing the benefits of communications services to even more people in more places,” said Baksaas. “Congratulations to all on 10 wonderful years at Fornebu!”

10 years at Fornebu in pictures

Watch the slideshow on how the Fornebu model has transformed working life for Telenor employees. From open workspaces to paperless desks and to a complete absence of executive offices, the Fornebu model incited controversy upon its introduction but has since inspired collaboration and innovation at Fornebu and in Telenor’s operations around the world.

Watch the slideshow