Telenor awarded satellite contract in Morocco

Press release
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Telenor has been awarded one of three licences to establish a satellite network in Morocco. The network will provide complete communication solutions both domestically and internationally for businesses in Morocco. Telenor is planning to invest approximately NOK 25 million in licences and infrastructure in Morocco this year.
Telenor is establishing operations in Morocco for the development and operation of a satellite network (VSat). The network will be connected to Norway via satellite to provide international telecommunications traffic. The solution will include Internet and voice-over IP services.

A total of three licences were awarded for the establishment of a satellite network in Morocco. Telenors bid, which was among the lowest in financial terms, was still chosen on the basis of the companys outstanding technical solutions and expertise.

Morocco has a population of 30 million, of which relatively few own either a regular or mobile telephone. However, the market in Morocco is developing in a positive direction and the economic growth in the country is currently among the highest in Africa, comparable to several countries in Central Europe. In March of this year, an agreement for the development of free trade until 2012 was signed between Morocco and the EU.

"Morocco is a new and exciting market for Telenor, with good development possibilities," commented Knut Digerud, Director of Telenors International Center in connection with the licence award in Morocco. In addition, we have estimated that there are approximately three million people of Moroccan descent in Europe, which can serve to further intensify growth in Morocco.