Telenor and Ericsson launch the "mobile wallet"

Press release
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A new technology developed by Telenor Mobil and Ericsson in Norway allows you to order goods and services from your mobile phone. The bill is paid at the same time via the phones display and SIM card. After Easter, a trial project will allow test subscribers to purchase cinema tickets, using their mobile phones.
During the summer, Telenor Mobils GSM subscribers will be able to use the new mobile wallet. They will be able to choose whether to pay by standard bank-card, credit card or "cash" that you have filled the electronic wallet with. The phone communicates with a bank or credit institution, which will then transfer the money to the cinema.

The users choose the film, the performance and where in the cinema they wish to sit. They are then given a suggestion that can be accepted or rejected. If the subscribers are satisfied with the choice, they confirm the purchase by pushing a button on the phone. FilmWeb is the content provider on behalf of the cinemas and is also responsible for integrating the service with the cinemas ordinary ticket system.

During April, the solution will be tested by 100 mobile phone users in Bodø, northern Norway. They will all be given an Ericsson mobile phone with the new function installed on Telenor Mobils SIM card.

"The advantage for customers is that they do not have to come to pick up their tickets 45 minutes prior to the movie. You will thereby avoid annoying telephone queues," explains Telenor Mobils Director, Knut Oppegaard, who adds that buying cinema tickets is just the start of what this technology may be used for.

He continues: "We envisage that in time you will be able to submit your lotto/pools coupon, buy air/rail/boat/concert/theatre tickets and any other products that may be made available electronically".

"This important partnership has given both parties the opportunity of gaining an early foothold in a very exciting market. We think that the mobile phone will be a new and very attractive method for electronic trading," says Christian Testman, head of Ericssons datacom unit in Norway.

The service is just as safe as withdrawing cash from an ATM, or paying by card in a shop. You dont have to provide any information about your card or account number when using the service, all necessary information is registered when the service is ordered. This technology means that unauthorised persons may not acquire information about the payment transfer.

To use the new service, you must have one of the new GSM phones, which can adopt the new technology. Most phones sold this year will be ready for use as a "mobile wallet".