Strengthening focus on coupons and value codes: Telenor acquires Liquid Barcodes

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Telenor acquires Liquid Barcodes and strengthens its focus on coupons and value codes.
Liquid Barcodes is the largest provider of mobile coupons in Norway today, and has extensive experience delivering loyalty concepts for its customers within retail business for everyday and speciality items. Along with the company Valuecodes, in which Telenor has a controlling 51% stake, Telenor will become the leading mobile coupon player in Norway and have a strong foundation for further expansion through this acquisition.

“We believe mobile coupons and similar loyalty concepts have considerable potential, and we want to take a strong position starting with the Nordic region,” says Svein Henning Kirkeng, Head of e-commerce within Telenor Digital Services.

Mobile phones play an increasingly important role for customer loyalty

Coupons have been a widespread marketing tool for quite some time, but in Norway promotional gifts were first permitted in 2009.  This means that Norway is still an immature coupon market, but at the same time, a significant portion of the country’s coupons are most likely to be distributed directly on mobile phones.

The advantage of using the mobile phone is that you always carry it with you. Through digital solutions it’s easier to create personalized offers, ensure more efficient distribution of these offers and gain better understanding of user behaviour. In addition, other related services on the mobile can be offered, such as punch cards, gift vouchers, bonus cards, loyalty cards, etc.

Telenor established Valuecodes with Payex in 2010 to take a position in the mobile coupons and value codes market. Through its acquisition of Liquid Barcodes, Telenor will drive this development forward.

“With our strengthened focus on mobile coupons and value codes, Liquid Barcodes will bring valuable expertise and experience that makes the development of mobile loyalty concepts even more relevant for brands and retailers. Telenor will now take an even stronger position within this area,” says Svein Henning Kirkeng.

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- Atle Lessum, Communication Telenor Digital Services, tel. 415 05 645,

About Liquid Barcodes

Liquid Barcodes deliver complete solutions for mobile digital coupons and loyalty cards in the Nordic countries. Liquid Barcodes has about 10 employees. Annual turnover for 2012 was around NOK 10 million. The company is based in Oslo.