Sale of Telekiosken approved

Press release
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The Norwegian Competition Authority has approved the agreement between Telenor and Kjedehuset concerning the sale of Telekiosken. Telenor will take over the chain of stores on October 1st.
Telenor has long wanted to establish a nationwide chain of Telenor stores, and has considered various options to achieve this. The option that was settled upon was the Telekiosken chain, which over time will be rebranded into Telenor stores.

Telenor established its first two Telenor stores in 2010, and now has eight stores in Norway's largest cities. The stores are currently operated by franchisees through Kjedehuset AS, a company in which Telenor owns a 49 per cent stake. From October 1st, the franchise agreements will be directly with Telenor.

“Customers have changed their purchasing behaviour and almost always use several different channels when they are shopping. At the same time, people value receiving help, face-to-face, from service-minded staff with a high level of expertise, which is exactly what they will get in Telenor stores. Our own chain of retail stores means that we can ensure to an even greater degree that the customer gets that great experience. The stores alone will be a good reason for choosing Telenor, said Bjørn Ivar Moen, the newly appointed Head of Telenor Norway's Mobile Division.

Telekiosken currently operates in 84 locations. Telenor stores in Norway will be operated on a franchise basis.


Anders Krokan, Communication Manager, Telenor Norway,
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