Price cuts on mobile data services

Press release
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Telenor Mobil has reduced prices on mobile Internet and other packet switched data services with up to fifty per cent. Simultaneously, WLAN prices have been cut with up to seventy percent.
-"GPRS and WLAN have so far been priced the same, but we have now introduced separate price structures for the two services. We are therefore now offering prices which are adapted to the actual usage of the two systems," said Assistant Head of Information in Telenor Mobil, Esben Tuman Johnsen.

When using GPRS for transferring data, the user can obtain a reduction up to 50 per cent. The more the service is used the greater the reduction.

The WLAN price structure has also been adjusted, and implies a price reduction of up to seventy percent. Regardless of use, the cost will never exceed NOK 900 excl. VAT per month. Telenor Mobil's public WLAN zones are available for all customers with the Bedrift (Business) subscription. This also includes former Nomade customers. Other users can purchase pre paid cards for WLAN use.

New prices on GPRS (incl. VAT):

NOK 0,10 per kilobyte up to 0,5 Mb

NOK 0,015 per kilobyte from 0,5 to 20 Mb

NOK 0,010 per kilobyte from 20 Mb

New prices on WLAN (incl. VAT):

NOK 10 per megabyte up to 20 Mb

NOK 8 per megabyte from 20 to 50 Mb

NOK 4 per megabyte from 50 Mb

The price scale starts over every month.

Prepaid cards for WLAN costs NOK 150 and provides unlimited use for 24 hours.

For further information, please contact :

Sigurd Sandvin, Head of Information in Telenor Mobil, phone: +47 905 21 100
Esben Tuman Johnsen, Assistant Head of Information in Telenor Mobil, phone: +47 905 08 400