Norwegians buy more expensive and advanced mobile phones than Swedes and Danes

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Norwegians buy more expensive and advanced phones and replace their mobile phones every other year on average, according to a new study done by Synovate on behalf of Telenor.

Comparing the use of mobile phones in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, the study shows that Norwegians spend the most money on new phones, an average of NOK 1868, while a Swede spends an equivalent of NOK 1762 and a Dane NOK 1247 when purchasing a new mobile phone.

The study also shows that Norwegians buy more advanced mobile phones. As many as 53 percent of Norwegian people's mobile phones were classified as "high-end", compared to a mere 11 and 34 percent in Sweden and Denmark, respectively. ("High-end" phones are in this study defined as mobile phones including functionality such as mobile broadband, a 3.2 megapixel camera and a sufficiently large screen.)

"Norwegians love all kinds of new technology and equipment, and mobile phones are a perfect example of this. The advanced mobile phones available now allow for the use of exciting services such as music, e-mail, Internet, TV and e-books via the phone. Telenor is constantly working to simplify the use of these services for our customers," says Svein Henning Kirkeng, Director of Consumer Markets in Telenor Norway.

Camera important
While the study shows that in all three countries it is important that the phones have cameras, this is most important in Norway. In Denmark it is particularly important that the phone is simple, while Swedes are especially concerned with the music-listening functions.

Norwegians and Danes replace their phones more frequently (every 22 months on average) while the Swedes keep theirs for an average of 31 months. The main reasons that Scandinavians acquire new phones are that their old phones are either destroyed or lost.

Well-founded decisions
However, although Norwegians replace their phones more often than their neighbours, the study shows that their decisions are often better grounded. Approximately 2 out of 3 Norwegians and Danes had decided on a brand/model before buying their new phone, compared to a mere 1 out of 3 Swedes.

Norwegians are a bit more traditional than Swedes or Danes when choosing the shape of their mobile phone, and prefer to a much greater extent phones with an open keypad rather than other cover solutions. Here it is the Swedes who are the most innovative.

About the study:
This study was carried out by Synovate and is based on interviews with 500 respondents per country in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, among people who had recently purchased a new mobile phone.

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