New VimpelCom Board

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Russian mobile operator VimpelCom, in which Telenor holds 26.6% of the voting shares, announced its new board of directors following VimpelCom's Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Moscow on Wednesday.

VimpelCom's new board of directors consists of nine members. Three of the directors are officers of Telenor, three are representatives of Alfa Group and three are independent. One of the independent directors was nominated by Telenor, and two were nominated by Alfa Group.

"In the run-up to the AGM of Vimpelcom, Telenor had it's priority on another board composition. We of course respect the decision taken by the shareholders," said Telenor spokesman Scott Engebrigtsen. "Telenor believes that through our efforts we have sucessfully protected Vimpelcom's charter as well as defended the corporate governance of the company from actions aimed at undermining this", Engebrigtsen said.

The VimpelCom board now consists of:

Arve Johansen (Telenor)

Henrik Torgersen (Telenor)

Fridtjof Rusten (Telenor)

Mikhail Friedman (Alfa Group)

Pavel Kulikov (Alfa Group)

Alexey Reznikovich (Alfa Group)

Jo Lunder (independent, nominated by Telenor)

David Haines (independent, nominated by Alfa Group)

Natalia Tsukanova (independent, nominated by Alfa Group)

Contact person

Scott Engebrigtsen, Manager Corporate Press Office
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