New mobile solution to reduce inequalities in Myanmar’s rice industry wins Telenor Youth Forum

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BANGKOK, 29 May 2019 – Targeting inequalities in the rice supply chain in Asia, the team of youth delegates behind AgriMatch, a mobile application that uses geolocation to connect farmers to middlemen and visa versa, has won the Telenor Youth Forum 2018-2019 cycle and USD 15,000 (NOK 100,000) in seed funding.
Farmers and middlemen will soon be able find, contact and rate each other through the AgriMatch mobile platform, if the winning Telenor Youth Forum team has their way. Following six months of intense development work and remote collaboration spread across four nations, the team has won the Telenor Youth Forum for their mobile service to equalise the agricultural supply chain and empower farmers currently in a vicious cycle of debt and poverty.

The team’s challenge was to design a digital solution to optimise or increase sustainability of food production, ultimately contributing reduced inequalities in global health.

AgriMatch aims to pilot their service in Myanmar where more than 70 percent of the population relies on agriculture as their primary source of income, according to a 2019 Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report. They will continue their ongoing collaboration with Network Activities Group (NAG) Myanmar, helping to advance the agenda of the Good Agricultural Practices certification which promotes sustainable agriculture for the people and the environment.

AgriMatch team members: Sameen Alam, Bangladesh; Rachel Loh, Malaysia; Emilie Udnæs, Norway; Ingrid Rasmussen, Denmark. The team was mentored by Telenor Research VP, Ieva Martinkenaite.

“Using Telenor’s global scale, standards and our people’s expertise, we continuously work to bridge gaps in equality. This is something we also aim to do through the Telenor Youth Forum – by pairing technology with resourceful young minds coming from all of our markets. We believe strongly in AgriMatch’s potential and look forward to seeing them further develop their m-Agri solution,” said Telenor Group EVP and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Anne Kvam.

The other three services pitched to the jury include a digital solution to reduce stigma around mental health; a digital portal to optimise access to clean water and sanitation; and a platform for older generations to share skills with younger ones.

The Telenor Youth Forum’s 2018-2019 programme concluded today at the dtac headquarters in Bangkok, where the delegation of 16 young leaders from eight nations pitched their four services to Telenor Group and dtac leadership, including dtac CEO Alexandra Reich, and experts from Plan International, UNICEF and the Nobel Peace Centre.

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The full Telenor Youth Forum delegation at dtac Headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand.

Young leaders working to build equality in health

Telenor Youth Forum kicked off during the Nobel Peace Prize week in Oslo in December 2018, where the 16 delegates were split into four teams, each with a health-related challenge to solve. From that point onwards, the delegates worked to develop their ideas, conduct user research and prototype their services, leading them to the Bangkok finale.

Collaboration with Nobel Peace Center

Telenor Youth Forum is a global platform built upon the idea of bright minds working together to reduce inequalities. In collaboration with the Nobel Peace Center, the forum brings together young leaders from around the world to develop digital solutions that empower societies.

Out of more than 5,000 applicants, 16 accomplished delegates aged 20-28 were selected to represent their countries in the 2018-2019 programme.