Mr. Thorleif Enger elected new Telenor Chairman

Press release
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The Corporate Assembly of Telenor ASA has elected Mr. Thorleif Enger (59) as new Chairman of the Board. Mr. Enger has been a member of the Board since October 2001.

Thorleif Enger has a PhD in Structural Engineering from the University of Colorado, USA and today holds position as Executive Vice President and member of Norsk Hydro Corporate Management, in charge of Hydro Agri, the world's largest fertilizer company. Mr. Enger has been with Norsk Hydro since 1973 and has, among other things, been Project Director for the development of the Oseberg Field in the North Sea and has been responsible for Norsk Hydro's domestic and foreign oil and gas acitivities. From 1970 to 1973 he was employed by Shell Development Company in Houston, Texas.

Mr. Thorleif Enger succeeds Mr. Tom Vidar Rygh, who resigned as Chairman in December 2002 when he accepted the position as head of the investment bank Enskilda Securities AB in Sweden.

The Board of Telenor ASA after this consist of:

Thorleif Enger, Chairman

Åshild Bendiktsen, Deputy Chairman

Hanne de Mora

Jørgen Lindegaard

Bjørg Ven

Einar Førde

Per Gunnar Salomonsen (employee representative)

Irma Ruth Tystad (employee representative)

Harald Stavn (employee representative)

A high resolution picture of Mr. Thorleif Enger is available at: