Major contract with Norwegian health service

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Telenor has renegotiated and extended its current framework agreement for fixed and mobile telephony with Norway's five health regions. This agreement has an annual value of NOK 115 million, and will give the health enterprises access to a number of advanced services that will contribute to higher efficiency, simplification and cost reductions.

"The framework agreement that we have now entered into involves a range of opportunities for new solutions, both internally within the individual health enterprises, as well as between the health regions. Several hospitals are now considering stepping up the use of mobile telephony. For health personnel the mobile phone could become an important working tool, replacing the beeper and the fixed-line telephone. Telenor is an all-inclusive provider, and we are pleased to see the health regions take up the new solutions that we now offer," said Senior Vice President Stein-Erik Vellan in Telenor Business Market.

In addition to voice through the mobile and fixed networks, the agreement also includes access to more advanced communications services such as Telenor Mobil's Proffnett, net-centric switchboards, customer control and invoicing services, as well as preparedness solutions. ADSL Home Office and Mobile Data Access are also included in the framework agreement. It will be up to each individual health enterprise to adapt and take up the various services that are part of the agreement.

"The health enterprises are advanced users of cutting-edge telecommunications services. This agreement with Telenor will give Norwegian health institutions all over the country access to advanced services. This will result in greater efficiency and better follow-up of patients and next of kin," said Head of Procurement Reidar Løkken of Helse Sør. Helse Sør negotiated the agreement on behalf of all the five health regions.

As set out in the Norwegian hospital reform, the Norwegian health sector is now divided into five health regions, governed by the state enterprises Helse Sør, Helse Øst, Helse Vest, Helse Midt and Helse Nord. More than 120,000 employees at more than 100 hospitals and health institutions will benefit from the agreement. The original agreement between the health enterprises and Telenor was signed two years ago, and the current agreement involves a one-year extension of the existing contract.

For more information, please contact:
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