Illegal Content - Blocking Access to Child Sexual Abuse Images

Press release
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In July 2005 Telenor was the first mobile operator to introduce a filter for mobile phones limiting access to websites containing images depicting sexual assaults on children.

The goal of the filter is to prevent the re-victimization of children by preventing the illegal distribution of files and illegal display of abuse material. Additionally, it serves to prevent access by children to child abuse material, thereby restricting the market and new productions. The filter receives about 15,000 hits per day.

Blacklisted website

Based on investigation conducted by New Kripos, responsible for finding, securing, tracing and validating the illegal nature of domains and IP addresses, the filter contains a regularly updated blacklist of websites used to distribute child pornography. If users tries to access a blacklisted website, they will be automatically redirected to another website explaining that the site they initially tried to access contains child pornography. The filter has been introduced in Telenor in Sweden and in Sonofon in Denmark as well.

Cooperation with New Kripos

The filter is operated in cooperation with New Kripos, the Norwegian National Criminal Investigation Service. It is the extension of the solution developed by Telenor for fixed Internet access, operated in a similar fashion since 2004.

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