Easier and cheaper to call your friends

Press release
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Telenor in Norway makes it simpler and less expensive to have friends when it launches FriVenner on 1 November. As a Telenor customer, this product means that you can talk as much as you want to more than two million mobile customers for NOK 0 per minute.

Telenor's product is simple. Customers only need one subscription, not a subscription and an additional service as with competitors.

FriVenner is also a very flexible subscription. It costs NOK 49 per month for those who already have a mobile phone they are happy with. If you want a new mobile phone, such as a Sony Ericsson K810i, you can have it for NOK 1 on FriVenner, for a monthly price of NOK 229. After 12 months the price automatically drops back to NOK 49.

"Friendship is one of the most important things in life. Telenor is therefore pleased to make it simpler and less expensive for our customers to cultivate their friendships," says Division Director at Telenor, Berit Kjøll.

With FriVenner you can make calls for NOK 0 per minute, even to Telenor's business customers, but not to djuice customers. People with djuice can already call each other for almost nothing with djuice friends, which was launched in June this year.

Facts about FriVenner

Monthly subscription: 49

Monthly cost with telephone: 229 (monthly price drops to NOK 49 after 12 months)

Minute price (to Telenor's mobile customers): 0

Minute price (to others): 0.69

SMS/MMS: 0.59/1.99

Set-up (new customers): 200

Starting price per call: 0.89

Prices given apply to use of mobile phone in Norway.

For further information about FriVenner, please contact:

Anders Krokan, Information Manager at Telenor
Telf.: (+47) 95209037, anders.krokan@telenor.com