dtac Awards Farmers

Press release
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Telenor's Thai mobile operation dtac partners with a foundation and a radio station to award prizes and scholarships to farmers who contribute exceptionally to their communities. Through various rural projects, dtac invests in the sustainable development of Thailand.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the foundation Sam Nuek Rak Ban Kerd (love your hometown), dtac and radio station Ruam Duay Chuay Kan invite organizations, networks, public administration units, farmers and the general public to submit the details of outstanding farmers.

76 farmers get 50,000 baht each

A committee of experts then selects the best farmer in each of the 76 Thai provinces. Each farmer obtains a prize worth 50,000 baht to help sponsoring their farming. The selected farmers then form a network to spread their knowledge to other farmers in general.

Combining farming skills and technology

Mr. Boonchai Bencharongkul, chairman of dtac and the Sam Nuek Rak Ban Kerd Foundation, says they are looking for farmers who apply their agricultural knowledge, skills and techniques well with technologies. Such farmers are thus independent and able to cope with situations thanks to their capability of building on their local resources. Staff members of the project are looking for outstanding knowledge of farming, livestock, fishing, sustainable agriculture, land development, water management for agriculture, agro-tourism development, processed agricultural products, the conservation and development of local products, and the management and development of community businesses.

Scholarships to 999 young people

For a decade, dtac has been sponsoring projects of the Sam Nuek Rak Ban Kerd Foundation. The company continuously awards scholarships to a total of 999 young people from all provinces in the country until their graduation. The idea is to provide these young people, mostly children of Thai farmers, with an education, after which they will return to their hometowns and help develop their communities. With the project, dtac intends to be a force that helps create a sustainable development of Thailand.

The project builds on the intention of the Sam Nuek Rak Ban Kerd Foundation to encourage people to be responsible for their local communities and to promote the sufficiency principle of His Majesty the King.