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Telenor Group is pleased to present 28 young social entrepreneurs, who will join our second ever Youth Summit next month in Norway.

The summit, in partnership with the Nobel Peace Center, will give youth from across Asia and Europe the opportunity to share ideas and discuss how mobile and digital communication can improve lives, fuel inclusive growth and foster cross-border dialogue.

More than 2,000 youth between 18 and 25 applied for the Telenor Youth Summit, to be held in Oslo this December. In the end, the 28 individuals - two from each market - who had the most compelling and engaging ideas were selected.

The three day summit will give these 28 youth a chance to share, discuss and engage in an international setting, in order to further develop their ideas, all in the spirit of the Nobel Peace Prize. The event also includes meetings with Telenor’s top management, experts from Telenor’s digital innovation and research departments, as well as representatives from Wikimedia and UNICEF, among others.

“We believe that mobile phones and digital connectivity can transform and empower people, businesses and societies. By hosting the Telenor Youth Summit, we create an inspiring arena where young people can share their ideas and learn from each other. We want to learn how today’s digital natives see mobile technology as a means to promote dialogue, drive socioeconomic change and enable opportunities for all. I look forward to meeting 28 bright individuals from across our markets,” said Telenor Group CEO and President Jon Fredrik Baksaas.

“I am excited to meet, learn and be inspired by these talented youth from across the globe. The Nobel Peace Center is proud to partner with Telenor on the Telenor Youth Summit once again, and we are in particular looking forward to facilitating a work session for these 28 candidates and to hear their ideas on communication for a better society,’’ said Nobel Peace Center Director Bente Erichsen.

Meet the candidates

Arkar Min Aung, 22, from Myanmar, is an iOS developer at a fledging startup in Yangon and passionate about revolutionizing education through mobile technology.  Wai Yan Min Htay, 25, a medical doctor from Myanmar, wants to improve healthcare and disease prevention through use of mobile technology, with a special focus on combating malaria.

Sara Magnusson, 24, from Sweden, is the founder of Experimental Factory, an arts school for chemistry, programming and robotics. She aims to give young people the opportunity to do lab work in their spare time with friends and other young people. Ashrarul Haq Sifat from Bangladesh is coming to Oslo with an idea to keep kids safe near water: Digital Maduli, while Karl Oskar Teien, from Norway, is co-founder of Pulse Active Saving, a micro savings service for low-income families in India.

These are just a few of the outstanding young people bringing their ideas and digital passion to Telenor’s headquarters and joining the three-day summit from Dec. 9-11.

From 2,000 to 28 between 18 and 25

The selection process, which kicked off in August, included outreach to institutions, organizations and entrepreneurial communities across Telenor’s markets in Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro. Candidates have been selected by a national jury appointed by the local Telenor business unit, based on a brief idea description and a pitch presentation framing their idea. The participants are between 18 and 25 years of age.

Below are the names of the chosen candidates.

You can find more details about the participants and the summit via:

  • Ashrarul Haq Sifat, Bangladesh

  • Nowshin Chowdhury, Bangladesh

  • Christine Cheah, Malaysia

  • Yong Wei Shian, Malaysia

  • Arkar Min Aung, Myanmar

  • Wai Yan Min Htay, Myanmar

  • Asma Naksawee, Thailand

  • Siraphat Boonyapan, Thailand

  • Sadaf Amin, Pakistan

  • Maaz Imran, Pakistan

  • Nipun Matreja, India

  • Swati Sachdeva, India

  • Karl Oskar Teien, Norway

  • Kathrine D Kvinnsland, Norway

  • Jonathan Ekstrand, Sweden

  • Sara Magnusson, Sweden

  • Asbjørn DM Sørensen, Denmark

  • Thomas K Petersen, Denmark

  • Inna Vlasova, Russia

  • Yulia Gilimyanova, Russia

  • Tsvetelina Kalcheva, Bulgaria

  • Melania Berbatova, Bulgaria

  • Kornélia Bálint, Hungary

  • Márk Matusz, Hungary

  • Jovana Biga, Montenegro

  • Nemanja Ostojic, Montenegro

  • Daniel Šaranović, Serbia

  • Martin Pantović, Serbia

The summit will be hosted by Telenor Group CEO Baksaas, in collaboration with the Nobel Peace Center, with which Telenor has held a renowned strategic sponsorship for many years.

Details on the summit

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