Crime novel launched first on mobile

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For the first time in history, a book is being launched that has been exclusively produced for publishing on a mobile phone.

Andreas Markusson's new crime novel " Første gang jeg døde " (The First Time I Died) is being launched today, exclusively on Telenor's Norwegian audio book service, Telenor Lydbok.

"The launch of a book which has exclusively been written for the mobile phone is a world first. Our partner in this project is Grieg Lyd, which has now also introduced the term 'litcast'. A 'litcast' is a short story written especially for mobile phones. We are opening up new ways of distributing good literature," says Svein Henning Kirkeng, Division Director in Telenor.

Telenor is now setting up a new crime page on its mobile portal for the Norwegian market, where the company will promote a selection of crime novels suited to the traditional Norwegian love of 'whodunits' at Easter.

You can access the Easter crime page on your mobile by sending KRIM to 2244.

Telenor also has audio books in other categories - approximately 300 titles, with the range in the mobile book shop set to grow.

"We offer authors and publishers a new way to reach bookworms. In addition to Grieg Lyd, we currently have partnerships with Piratforlaget, Barneselskapet, NRK and Aller forlag - and we sincerely hope the list will get longer," says Svein Henning Kirkeng.

"Grieg Lyd is the first to offer literature adapted especially to mobile phones. In connection with this, we are introducing the term 'litcast', coming from the words 'literature' and 'broadcast'. Here, you can listen to short, exciting stories from critically acclaimed authors, such as Linde Hagerup and Tom Kristensen. Linde Hagerup has written her story especially for this Easter launch," says Johan Grieg Alberts, Publishing Director in Grieg Lyd.

All litcasts are 10-20 minutes long and always allow time for the whole story, so they are perfect in the car, on the train or tram, or when soaking up the sun at your cabin. They cost NOK 20 each.

If the kids want to listen to children's books on the way to the mountains, mum and dad can help them by sending LYDBOK to 2244. The latest additions are Thorbjørn Egner's books from Barneselskapet.

For further information, please contact:
Anders Krokan, Information Manager in Telenor, (+47)95209037

Johan Grieg Alberts, Publishing Director in Grieg Lyd , (+47) 90036127