BP goes wireless with Telenor

Press release
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Oil company BP Norway has signed an agreement with Telenor Business Solutions for the delivery of wireless network (WLAN) to the BP's head offices in Stavanger. By implementing "Wireless Zone", BP will provide employees, contractors and visitors with wireless access to the Internet, e-mail and central computer systems.
The wireless network solution from Telenor Business Solutions (TBS) will provide BP's employees and guests, such as consultants, customers and partners, with a high-speed wireless Internet access for portable and handheld computers. BP will obtain cost reductions, for instance when providing consultants with access to internal data systems. While previously equipping consultants with BP's own computers, the company will now be able to provide wireless Internet access for the consultants' own laptop computers.

"We have previously had considerable costs associated with providing our consultants with access to the necessary BP data systems. We are now solving this in a simple and cost effective manner through wireless access. Using their own computers, consultants can connect to BP through the wireless network and Internet, by using a so-called Virtual Private Network-client (VPN-client), allowing us to cut our running expenses associated with the management of the system," said Tor Minsaas, Data Manager at BP.

"By adapting wireless technology, corporations can implement solutions that both simplify the users' workday and allow the organisation to cut costs. BP has been quick to grasp the possibilities offered by this technology, and we expect more companies to follow suit," said Anders Hauglie-Hanssen, director of Communications Services at Telenor Business Solutions.

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