Austrian AirPage take the company to court to make a compulsory composition

Press release
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The owner of Austrian AirPage, Telenor of Norway, has for a year been in the market for a new owner of AirPage, but havent succeeded to find any. AirPage themselves has failed to make a private arrangement with their major creditors, and they had no other option than to take the company to court to make a compulsory composition. The biggest creditors in AirPage is in addition to Telenor Ericsson, Wibag and FGG.
Paging was Telenors first involvement in international mobile communication. Due to ever increasing speed at which GSM mobile telephony is developing, paging has proved to lag behind in most markets, which also has been the case in Austria. Telenor regard Austria as one of their key markets, and is one of the partners in Connect Austria who launched their mobile services in October this year. In addition to mobile services, Telenor is focused on satellite communication services and internet services through their own subsidiaries. Telenor will continue to look for opportunities to expand their business in Austria.