Amedia contract means more fibre optic services for the regions

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Telenor is to provide data communications to more than 120 newspaper companies, distribution companies, and printing houses within the Amedia group. By expanding its fibre optic network to many of the newspaper and printing companies, Telenor will also be making fibre connections available to other companies in the same areas.
Under the new agreement, Telenor will provide over 70 fibre optic accesses to the Amedia group. Around half of the accesses will be the result of new fibre optic infrastructure rolled-out  by Telenor, while in the other areas existing fibre optic infrastructure will be used.

'Amedia publishes local media products across Norway, and we want to offer both our customers and employees IT solutions that provide a great user experience. Our ICT infrastructure must therefore be prepared for future growth so we have chosen to bring all of our companies together in a shared network based on fibre optic accesses. In this way, we will achieve more predictable costs in line with new requirements,' says Tom Lekang, Director of Technology at Amedia.

A-pressen was previously a customer of Telenor, and it is the group of Edda Media newspaper companies that Amedia has now chosen to move to Telenor.

'We are very pleased that the entire Amedia group is now with us. Their strategy of extensively adopting cloud-based services places higher demands on us as a communications provider. We look forward to being part of Amedia's continued development,' says Marina Lønning, business market manager at Telenor.

Fibre optic services for more companies

During the course of the year, Amedia will be introducing several cloud-based services for its own employees, including, among others, Google's email and collaboration services.

'We are currently experiencing a trend where services that were previously hosted locally by  companies are now moving to the Internet as cloud-based services. In addition, the use of video services is on the increase. This means that bandwidth requirements are increasing, both in the newspaper business and in other sectors,' says Lønning.

Telenor has been building its fibre optic infrastructure for the business market for many years, but has now initiated  a new, major investment in fibre optics in order to meet companies’ increased need for bandwidth. The model now being utilized  by Telenor will make fibre optic services more accessible to businesses, including small and medium sized companies. The prerequisite is that there must be a minimum customer potential in an area for the company to start expansion.

The agreement with Amedia means that fibre optic services will be available to more companies in the regions:

'We already provide fibre optic connections to some of the newspaper companies in the Amedia group. Now we will be providing fibre optic services to all newspaper companies with more than four employees. These newspaper companies are often located in smaller towns and communities. Once we start providing fibre optic services to these newspaper companies, it will mean that other companies in the same area will also be able to receive fibre optic services from Telenor,' says Lønning.

The roll-out of the fibre optic network to the Amedia group will take place during the autumn and spring. In addition to the management of data communications, the agreement also covers the provision of security services by Telenor. The contract will run for 3.5 years.

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PR Manager at Telenor Norway, Kristin V. Tønnessen, Tel. 934 80 648,

Amedia AS, Director of Technology Tom Lekang, Tel.: 913 16 044,