Telenor Group expand efforts in response to crisis in Ukraine

1 minute read
Telenor symbol on blue background

Telenor Group stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people during this time of hardship and needless suffering. Our thoughts are with all of those with family, friends and loved ones in Ukraine and in the region.

In response to developments, Telenor Group as well as the European Business Units are undertaking a range of initiatives to support Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees: ETNO's overview of voluntary measures European telcos helping Ukrainians.

In addition, Telenor Group has signed a joint statement by EU and Ukrainian operators on connectivity in support of refugees from Ukraine. The joint statement shows the resolve of European telecom operators in continuing to support people in need.

More information on the joint statement can be found on the European Commission's web pages.

Telenor Group will continue to work to ensure that our customers can have access to voice and data services, across all countries, consistent with applicable sanctions, democratic values, and human rights principles.