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At Telenor, we believe that every modernisation journey involves collaboration. With our partners we build on a wide range of strengths and can increase the speed and scale of our deliveries.

No single company is big enough to satisfy future customer needs alone. That is why we need partners, using synergies to support innovation and demonstrate value through real customer cases.

We and our partners work in close cooperation, strengthening the ability of both organisations to successfully deliver services to new markets. The partner relationships are built on shared values and trust, which are the basis of success in achieving common goals.

With the accelerating pace of digitalisation in all industries, the way we work with partners is changing. A key area of partnership is to leverage as-a-service offerings launched by our partners. Working with our partners, we build on each company’s strengths to improve the speed and scale of new services. In partnership projects it is possible to replicate and launch products that have initially proven their potential for success, bringing them to new markets.

Examples of our strategic partners include companies such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Cisco.

Modernisation of telecommunications

Our collaborations are advancing the modernisation of the telecommunications industry. For example, with Google Cloud we are collaborating on key areas, including strengthening Telenor’s technology capabilities, driving better customer experiences by leveraging Google Cloud’s data, analytics and artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, delivering growth through joint go-to-market activities and creating new scalable revenue streams. Joint innovations can enhance the capabilities of current and future products, develop new modern industry solutions and services and drive cost efficiencies.

Advanced and secure cloud technologies

With Amazon Web Services we are investing in joint go-to-market activities in industries to enable more 5G and edge services for customers. With AWS, Telenor will scale its cloud footprint while innovating to develop new services that use a combination of the most advanced and secure cloud technologies from AWS. Together we will continue to innovate on behalf of customers in the areas of 5G edge for mobile private networks (MPNs) and edge computing. Our shared ambition is to use scalable and flexible building blocks from AWS to continuously raise the bar for what is possible.

Expanding as-a-service solutions

With Cisco we have brought security-as-a-service to our Scandinavian markets, and we are exploring an everything-as-a-service (XaaS) flexible and scalable model to reach a broader partner ecosystem and customer base. Together we plan to accelerate the flexibility, scalability, and availability of cybersecurity solutions as-a-service for both business and consumer customers. We are collaborating to design and demonstrate how multi-cloud as-a-service can help business customers use multiple clouds more effectively and efficiently. The collaboration will also encompass research and innovation (R&I) with the goal to jointly accelerate time-to-market for emerging and future technologies.

Telenor’s definition of a partner is:

A partner company is a legal entity that Telenor does commercial business with, where both have the intention to grow both parties' competitive position, and where management in both companies have invested and continue to invest time and resources to build mutual trust and joint business outcomes. The partner company subscribes to Telenor’s values and supports Telenor’s goals and ambitions