Digital Security 2023

Telenor Security Paper

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Telenor Security AI White Paper

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Advanced, protective solutions are critical to manage the growing number and wide range of security threats. Telenor’s security experts are constantly working on improving our defences to mitigate the risks that threaten our business and our customers.

Security for Telenor encompasses information security, physical security and protection from fraud and misuse of our services. Ensuring adequate security has become a vital part of any business, as connected companies are at constant risk of attacks in the cyber domain. A wide range of threat actors are increasingly targeting companies for theft of funds or information, or to lock down systems or services to pursue payouts in form of blackmail or ransom. In accordance with the changing threat landscape, we are constantly increasing our efforts to actively protect our networks, products and customer data.

Our commitment

Telenor has a strong commitment to security: ‘We always protect society and people in their digital life, and security is the foundation for everything we do’. This ambition is key to succeed both with the strategic directions for connectivity as a service and beyond connectivity, where robust internal security is required to deliver credible services externally. Telenor has a holistic, risk-based approach to deliver end-to-end security, systematically improving security across people, processes, technology and partners.

Telenor is continuously implementing security capabilities to prevent and reduce the effect of a range of threats. We can swiftly detect and respond to unwanted activities, and we are building resilient networks based on a defendable architecture framework, which includes robust design principles and preventive controls, monitoring and detection, vulnerability management, incident management and response.

Collaboration across regions

Cybercrime is rapidly evolving. Criminal networks now include everything from individual and financially motivated hackers to hacktivists with an agenda, all the way up to sophisticated criminal organisations that mirror corporations with departments and financial analysis teams. At the top of the pyramid are the well-organised and increasingly funded state actors.

Our security experts collaborate across regions, share threat intelligence and information on incidents and work within several areas, such as information security and cyber security, security in telecom networks, digital services, physical security, security intelligence, service fraud, communication and security awareness.

As we detect and prevent thousands of cyber-attacks every year, we are constantly feeding this information back into our systems, developing our detective and preventive capabilities in line with the external threat picture. Our foremost tasks are to protect our customers’ data and to operate in accordance with relevant regulatory requirements and legal frameworks.

Monitoring and incident response

Telenor continuously analyses the risk and global threat picture and has established global capabilities for monitoring and incident response, built on our capabilities in Telenor Norway. Through our global and local efforts, we continuously monitor systems, analyse potential security risks and implement appropriate mitigations and countermeasures.

National and international security cooperation

Telenor is an active and contributing member in national and international security fora, such as the Information Security Forum (ISF) and the GSM Association Fraud and Security Group (FASG), working to protect network and customer data against attacks, fraud and crime.

In ISF and FASG, Telenor gives strategic input, communicates with vendors and partners to share intelligence and build response while setting the direction within the fraud and security domain for the entire industry.

Telenor is also a member of the advisory group of communication providers to Europol, as well as having a seat at the Information Security committee and the International Security committee with the Norwegian Business and Industry Security Council (NSR).