Our multi-cloud strategy

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Telenor is among the world’s leading service providers adopting cloud services for network, IT and other digital services. This helps us modernise our systems and deliver new and better services to our customers, more efficiently and faster.

For Telenor, the Cloud provides the infrastructure foundation we need to deliver and operate our current core connectivity services and other digital services. Essentially, the Cloud provides on-demand delivery of compute, network and digital storage services over the internet. In addition, the Cloud provides other valuable services on-demand, such as machine learning, databases, security and developer tools that can be used by Telenor and others.

Everything as-a-Service

The Cloud enables Telenor and our customers to consume and provide services following an as-a-Service model, meaning that services can be delivered immediately, on-demand, instead of customers having to wait for new solutions for days, months or even years. The key to achieving this is that everything is automated and accessible through self-service and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

Innovation with partners and customers

Cloud also enables Telenor, our partners and customers to apply agile practices and innovate together at a rapid pace when developing new and improved services. This is possible due to the automation and speed of starting, scaling, stopping and re-deploying applications using the cloud infrastructure and services. As an example, a private 5G network was implemented and ready for the customer to use in four days instead of months. New functionality and services are now added to customer systems on a daily basis instead of on a monthly or quarterly basis.


Telenor follows a multi-cloud strategy, which means that we and our customers can use cloud service offerings from multiple cloud providers in multiple locations, including our hyperscaler and other cloud provider partners, be it in public or private cloud. This is important since cloud solutions vary, as do the needs and requirements from our customers and application providers, for example on security, regulatory, costs, performance and cloud service functionality.

Edge Cloud

Many customers need the Cloud to be physically located closer to where they are, as they need very fast processing of data, for example for IoT devices used for robotics or video analytics. Edge Cloud solutions enable customers with critical communication and applications needs to achieve ultra-high availability such as in the case of natural disaster events. Telenor provides Edge Cloud for customers in some of our markets.


Security is embedded in everything we do. Telenor Defendable Architecture is a tool we use to make sure all security controls are implemented at the right level when deploying an application or using a service in our multi-cloud.

Telenor Cloud journey

Telenor has over the last decade followed a systematic and targeted approach to cloud adoption for services in all domains, including network, IT and other customer services. We follow a public cloud first approach, but also leverage our private cloud in instances where they are needed, such as for regulatory requirements.

The cloud journey is continuing as cloud technologies and ecosystems are developing at high speed. All new applications are now being born into the Cloud, which is what we call ‘cloud native’, using technologies and concepts such as containers, serverless, microservices and stateless design. To keep up to speed we constantly need to develop our cloud skills and optimise our processes for automation, efficiency and innovation.