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Our purpose is to nurture a learning culture and make Telenor the place to learn and grow.

Are you curious about the learning opportunities you will have access to as part of our team in Telenor? Please continue reading for some of our learning initiatives.

Our purpose is to nurture a learning culture and make Telenor the place to learn and grow. We are a team of passionate people-developers who support our teams, experts, and leaders to be future-ready.

— Selina Lomholdt, Head of Global Learning & Development

Create your own journey

Telenor is a large company with many opportunities for growth and development across departments, teams, and markets. What are your aspirations and interests? What opportunities will present themselves in the market? We do not follow traditional career ladders or planning. Here you build your own journey. We celebrate everyone’s growth and unique strengths, and we prioritize creating internal career opportunities for our employees and building knowledge across.  

Continuous learning through education, experience, exposure, and environment

Classroom training or e-learning easily comes to mind when we think about learning. In Telenor, you can access world-class online learning content to learn about almost any topic of your interest (more on this below). In addition, we believe that learning and development happens in your environment through continuous and targeted experience and exposure. Consider the example of a data scientist. Someone aspiring to build data science skills needs both concentrated course-based training and practical application of the skills in day-to-day work. That’s why we focus on learning through experiments and relevant projects, interacting with peers and mentors, and sharing best practices across our business units and markets. These are just some examples of how we challenge ourselves to combine as many learning methods as possible to grow and find new solutions.  

Challenging ourselves to 40 hours of learning throughout the year

In Telenor, you will get 40 dedicated hours per year to learn and grow through the 40-hour challenge. Our CEO Sigve Brekke introduced this initiative in 2018, challenging and inspiring all employees across Telenor to complete at least 40 hours of training and education each year. We have learning hours every week where we set aside time for learning, and you can also join in on one of our live sessions.  

Telenor Academy is open 24/7

5G, automation, storytelling, growth mindset, agile ways of working, psychological safety, leadership philosophies for a hybrid world – you can learn about almost any topic on our digital campus!   

In addition to our internally created and externally curated content, you also have access to world-leading external partner platforms such as Coursera and LinkedIn Learning. 

Growing through our guided journeys

Is you an expert looking to develop your expertise further or a leader who wants to grow your leadership skills and inspire others, our guided learning journeys will be a match for you. Here you will come together in a cohort with participants from all our markets to learn from subject matter experts, the global learning & development team, or leading external providers.  

Building your unique strengths through our People dialogue

The People Dialogue is our yearly rhythm that will guide you in your growth and development. With your manager, you will define the deliverables and development goals you want to achieve in the coming period based on your unique strengths and aspirations. But this is just the beginning! In our recurrent 1:1s, we follow up, get and give each other feedback, and iterate together on the next steps.  

Excerpt from our employee:

This philosophy of learning in multiple ways added to the freedom to chart our own growth story has been fuel to my development in Digi. I’ve had the privilege to exercise the liberty of self-learning on Telenor Academy, meet peers through the guided journey programmes (it’s thoroughly refreshing to know peers globally are experiencing the same dilemmas and are a well of wisdom on new approaches to long-standing challenges!) and learn on the job. What’s better? Teach it to learn it, and we’ll start building a deep bench for our teams too. My advice – be invested in your own growth (and help others too) - take advantage of these learning options, find what works for you and enjoy the process!

— Chew Hwee Yen, Digi, Malaysia