The Telenor Global Identity is the unifying framework for all areas of the company, based on the company’s purpose: Empowering Societies. Connecting you to what matters most.

Alternative descriptive text

Empowering societies


Enabling participation for all

Include means that Telenor is committed to equality, by enabling connectivity for all and driving greater societal inclusion through it.


Advancing connectivity to accelerate the digital future

Advance means that Telenor is at the forefront of technological development, constantly innovating and exploring for the benefit of customers, businesses and society.


Safeguarding planet, people and data in the digital world and beyond

Safeguard means that Telenor constantly raises the bar for the safety, security and privacy for our customers, partners and employees, as well as the health of our planet to drive positive, long-term change.

The Telenor Global Identity incorporates the company purpose as its overarching element, answering the question as to ‘why’ we exist.

Telenor’s purpose statement is supported by three key benefit areas: Include, Advance, and Safeguard, which are expressed through the company’s three key messages, related to what we do and how we do it.