Sigve Brekke and Tone H. Bachke at Telenor office

Telenor Group has telco business units in the Nordics and Asia. Telenor also has ownership in a portfolio of adjacent companies outside the core area of telecommunications.

Nordic Cluster

The Nordic Cluster consists of Telenor’s Nordic business units: Telenor Norway, Telenor Sweden, Telenor Denmark and DNA (Finland). In addition, Telenor has established a Nordic Hub, which is comprised of a team working closely with the Nordic business units. The aim of the Nordic Hub is to strengthen efforts within key areas in the Nordic markets, focusing on driving growth and ensuring competitiveness.

Asia Cluster

The Asia Cluster consists of Telenor’s Asian business units: Telenor Pakistan, Grameenphone (Bangladesh), Dtac (Thailand), and Digi (Malaysia). In addition, Telenor has established an Asia Hub in Singapore, which is comprised of a team that actively works across all the Asian markets. The aim of the Asia Hub is to strengthen key areas in the Asia Cluster, driving growth, ensuring competitiveness, and using our strong regional presence to build reputation and enable robust governance.

Other companies

As a part of strengthening value creation and long-term development, Telenor has ownership stakes in a portfolio of adjacent companies that are outside the core telecommunications scope. Most of these companies are supervised by Group Holdings, which is responsible for assessing multiple strategies and synergies of these adjacent companies with Telenor’s core business.

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Our other companies:

Telenor Connexion
Telenor Digital
Telenor Infra
Telenor Financial Services

President & CEO and Group Executive Management

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Telenor is responsible for the day-to-day management of Telenor. The Group Executive Management (GEM) of Telenor is an advisory management body for the Group CEO. GEM consists of Executive Vice Presidents (EVPs) for the Group Units and Heads of Clusters or other EVP positions, and is chaired by the Group CEO.

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Group Units

The Group Units support the Group CEO in the day-to-day management and strategic development of Telenor, including safeguarding corporate governance and legal requirements, as well as driving selected global initiatives. The units that make up Group Units include the following: Group Finance, Technologies & Services, Group People & Sustainability, Group Strategy & External Relations, Brand Management and Group Legal.

Group Internal Audit & Investigation

Group Internal Audit and Investigation is an independent, objective assurance, advisory and investigation unit providing assurance on the effectiveness of governance, risk management and internal controls. The Head of Internal Audit and Investigation reports functionally to the Telenor ASA Board of Directors through the Risk and Audit Committee and administratively (i.e. day-to-day operations) to the Group CEO.