Cyber Security

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Cyber space and cyber security are terms we often use as societies are becoming more digitalised. Cyberspace refers to things (systems and networks) and information that is created, stored and accessible through the use of information and communication technology (ICT).

Cyber security is about protection from threats that occur in or through the use of cyberspace. Such threats can be about unauthorised access to networks and systems, attacks aimed at destroying or changing sensitive information, or about disruption of services provided through cyber space.

Cyber security in Telenor

Cyber security has become a vital part of business, as global companies such as Telenor are at constant risk of cyber-attacks. Advanced threat actors are increasingly aiming to steal information, modify customer data or make our services unavailable.

In this context, we are constantly increasing our efforts to actively protect our networks, products and customer data.

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How we work with cyber security

Telenor is continuously implementing security capabilities to prevent and reduce the effect of a range of threats, including the ability to swiftly detect and respond to unwanted activities. This includes a number of actions related to preventive controls, including monitoring and detection, vulnerability assessments and incident management and response across all our business units.

As we detect and prevent thousands of attempts of cyber-attacks every year, we are constantly developing our security efforts, in line with the external threat picture. We realize that advanced security solutions are needed to handle a wide range of cyber threats. Our foremost task is to protect our customers’ data in compliance with relevant authorities and legal frameworks.

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How we respond to cyber-attacks

Work through international fora

Telenor is an active contributing member in international security fora working to protect network and customer data against attacks, fraud and crime. In this context the two most relevant fora are the Information Security Forum (ISF) and the GSM Association Fraud and Security Group (FASG).

In ISF, Telenor is a member of the Council where we give valuable input to the strategy. Here we also maintain a dialogue with vendors and partners in order to share intelligence and build response.

In the GSM Association Fraud and Security Group (FASG), Telenor actively participates in setting direction within the fraud and security domain for the entire industry.

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Connect with our security experts

The Telenor global security organisation includes security experts across all markets. The organisation works at all levels, from Board of Directors (BOD) to operating units with dedicated resources at Telenor Group, Telenor Norway and in all Telenor Business Units.

Our security experts are working within several areas such as cyber security, security in telecom networks, digital services, physical security, security intelligence, service fraud, communication and security awareness.

If you have any ideas related to security and want to get in touch with the team, you can contact us: