Telenor to launch netcentric switchboard with unique functionalities

Press release
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: Telenor is launching the inContact Switchboard, a new and to the global community, unique switchboard solution that makes businesses more customer-friendly.

The inContact Switchboard is netcentric, which means the switchboard service is incorporated in Telenor's own network. This allows all waiting calls to be stored inside the network, and calls will not take up capacity from the business' own telephone system. If a business has more than one switchboard, calls will automatically be routed to an available switchboard.

One number and one solution

The uniqueness of the solution is its user friendliness to all businesses, irrespective of the equipment and solutions they have previously installed. The inContact Switchboard is PC based, and the only requirement is that call handlers have a telephone for receiving calls, as well as Internet access.

"Previously it was not technically possible to connect different private automatic exchanges in this way. The inContact Switchboard may now simplify the workday for both customers with varied switchboard solutions as well as customers with several branch offices and different phone numbers. In the future, businesses can be reached via one single phone number," says Product Manager Jan Thomas Birkeland of Telenor Norway, Business Communications.

Out of Office system

All employees, irrespective of their geographical location, will be connected to a joint Out of Office system. Employees can, when in meetings or absent, enter such information into their calendars, decide whether they want to receive phone calls during their absence, or if they want the switchboard to send them an e-mail showing who has called. From their PCs the switchboard operators can also send out an SMS if an important call should arrive. The Out of Office system in the inContact Switchboard is based on software from Netwise.

Enhanced service and sound economy

The inContact Switchboard gives businesses a fully up-to-date channel in and out of the business. Since the inContact Switchboard is a netcentric service, businesses will not have to make substantial investments in the form of new purchases or upgrading of existing telephone equipment. The inContact Switchboard also provides better service to own employees. Employees can themselves decide whether their own phones should be re-routed during periods of absence. If an error should occur at the private automatic exchange, the operators may receive incoming calls on their mobile phones - as an emergency backup solution. The system also contains complete records of telephone traffic and a wide selection of search opportunities for the call handlers - available online on the Internet.

For further information, please contact Telenor's Customer Services on + 47 800 30 030, or visit this website (in Norwegian):



Product Manager Jan Thomas Birkeland, tel: +47 905 12 900

Information Manager Arild S. Johannessen, tel: +47 481 91 921