What we need to know

  • All employees deserve a workplace environment that is free from harassment, intimidation, discrimination or threats of violence for any reason, including actions based on gender, sexual orientation or identity, race, disability, national origin, religious beliefs or citizenship
  • We view employee diversity as a competitive advantage, as it broadens our perspective and allows us to better understand our customers’ needs and wants
  • Telenor does its utmost to actively promote equality in all employment practices
  • We foster a working environment where people are treated honestly and professionally and are valued for their unique ideas and differences

What is expected of us

  • We show respect for our co-workers and treat them as we would like to be treated ourselves
  • We do not retaliate against any employee, Business Partner or customer for raising a good faith concern
  • We do not engage in conversations or send communications of any kind that contain offensive name-calling, jokes, slurs, stereotyping or threats, nor do we display or share offensive pictures, cartoons, drawings or gestures
  • We actively listen to different points of view and consider those perspectives exclusively on the merits of those thoughts
  • We confront any incidents of harassment or inappropriate behaviour and proactively protect our work environment
  • We do not use alcohol or illegal drugs in the workplace, or abuse prescription medication, and we never purchase sexual services on business trips or other assignments including long-term expatriation

What to look out for

  • We experience, witness or hear of any form of bullying, mocking, or harassment of any kind
  • We experience or become aware of incidents of harassment, sexual harassment or racism of any kind and involving anyone
  • Our managers and supervisors are repeatedly identifying one colleague or a specific group of colleagues for criticism or special treatment based on characteristics unrelated to their work
  • We suspect that certain colleagues are not receiving fair consideration for promotions or project assignments
  • We are concerned that certain individuals or groups of colleagues are being excluded from participating in discussions

Resources and Tools