What we need to know

  • Telenor employees are encouraged to share non-confidential news, milestones, achievements related to Telenor on their social media account(s)
  • However, only mandated individuals are allowed to speak on behalf of Telenor, including on social media or other digital platforms
  • Telenor does not take political positions or associate with political movements, though we may participate in public debates which are of importance to our strategy and business performance
  • Telenor does not support political parties, neither in the form of direct financial support nor paid time.

What is expected of us

  • We do not engage in external discussions, including on social media, on behalf of Telenor unless we have been previously authorized to do so
  • We do not discuss sensitive or confidential information that we have learned from our employment in public or social media
  • We use social media to reflect our personal views and not those of the company
  • We are mindful that social media posts can spread rapidly and are difficult to retract, and so exercise caution before we post
  • We refer external questions about Telenor from journalists/media to the Communication Function and appropriate spokespersons
  • We may participate in political activity provided it is lawful, conducted on our own time, with our own resources, and not linked to our employment in Telenor

What to look out for

  • We become aware of public discussions on blogs or social media with a potential reputational risk to Telenor
  • When we plan to speak at external events or other forums where we represent Telenor
  • We are concerned that our communications with outside sources could reflect negatively on the company
  • We promote our company and receive backlash from an external audience on social media

Resources and Tools