What we need to know

  • We comply with local laws and internationally recognized environmental standards
  • We are committed to minimizing our use of resources including energy, water and raw materials

What is expected of us

  • We seek to make reasonable efforts to minimize greenhouse gas emissions from our operations
  • We consider climate and environmental impact when purchasing products and services, and evaluate our suppliers on responsible business criteria
  • We support sustainable waste management including making reasonable efforts to minimize our waste
  • We are transparent and report on how our activities impact the climate and environment
  • We report incidents we see which are harming climate and environment

What to look out for

  • We become aware of Telenor`s operations and suppliers tha fail to meet our climate & environmental standards
  • We become aware that applicable environmental regulations or company guidelines are breached
  • We are unsure if Telenor has relevant environmental permits and licenses

Resources and Tools