What we need to know

  • As employees of the company, we sometimes come into possession of valuable information regarding Telenor, customers or Business Partners
  • Most information is digital and can easily be accessed, modified, shared and replicated
  • Records are information with high corporate value. They are important to Telenor and must be identified and protected
  • Confidentiality is critical for Telenor’s reputation for protecting Telenor’s interests in competitive and regulatory processes, and for securing the integrity of our assets

What is expected of us

  • We only share confidential information when we are formally authorized to do so and there is a legitimate reason for doing so
  • We ensure that all information from Telenor is reliable and correct, and complies with high professional and ethical standards
  • We treat information from third parties with the same level of confidentiality and care as our own information
  • We promote a knowledge-sharing culture, but take precautions when processing confidential and inside information
  • We do not discuss sensitive topics in public places
  • We classify and handle information and store records in accordance with Group Policies
  • We stay updated about how we can protect confidential information from unauthorized access

What to look out for

  • We overhear a Telenor employee speaking about non-public information in public
  • A Business Partner requests us to sign a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement
  • You are handling information that are company records which should be protected
  • Someone attempts to engage us in discussions that lead into details of Telenor’s business
  • You receive an email classified as Confidential

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