What we need to know

  • Fair competition is important to society and creates long lasting business opportunities for Telenor, both domestically and abroad
  • Creating or benefiting from an unfair advantage will harm our reputation with our customers, Business Partners and the public
  • Anti-competitive agreements or practices are not only against our principles, they are against the law

What is expected of us

  • We make our own pricing and business strategy and compete on the merits on our offerings
  • We limit communications with our actual or potential competitors and do not share commercially sensitive information
  • We do not, formally or informally, enter into agreements or practices with actual or potential competitors to share markets, fix prices or limit input or sales
  • We obtain approval according to our internal requirements before joining a Trade Association or Industry Forum
  • We remove ourselves immediately from the discussion and report the conversation to our Legal Function and/or integrity hotline should a conversation with an actual or potential competitor turn to an inappropriate, anti-competitive subject
  • We have an obligation to promptly report suspected violations of competition laws to the Legal Function

What to look out for

  • We are approached by actual or potential competitors, customers or Business Partners with information about their pricing, strategies, business tactics or similar
  • We suspect formal or informal agreements exist, or otherwise are to be entered into, that limit our actual or potential competitors’ access to customers or related markets
  • We plan to attend informal or social meetings with actual or potential competitors
  • We plan to interact with actual or potential competitors where there are indications that the objective is to exchange competitive sensitive information
  • We plan to establish pricing strategies or other market strategies that could be viewed as abuse of dominant position, for instance: below cost, margin squeeze or refusing to enter into agreements with customer

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