What we need to know

  • The actions of our Business Partners can damage our reputation and expose us legally
  • Business Partners include individuals and entities such as suppliers, agents, distributors, franchisees, and joint venture partners, as well as sponsorship and donation recipients

What is expected of us

  • We aim to work with Business Partners that demonstrate standards of responsible business conduct and ethical values consistent with our own
  • We exercise caution when selecting Business Partners, following Telenor’s risk-screening and sourcing procedures
  • We expect our Business Partners to abide by all applicable laws and expect them to meet Telenor standards for responsible business conduct
  • We expect our Business Partners to take responsibility to protect and manage the risks while designing, delivering and operating our assets
  • We carefully evaluate business opportunities in countries that are subject to economic sanctions or trade embargoes
  • We comply with applicable trade controls including sanctions regimes and import-export requirements
  • We monitor and support our Business Partners to conduct their activities in accordance with Telenor’s standards for responsible business conduct
  • We treat all Business Partners with respect and in a fair and transparent manner

What to look out for

  • We encounter a Business Partner which will not fully commit to following our standards including, where applicable, Telenor’s Supplier Conduct Principles
  • We seek to engage a Business Partner who will operate as a lobbyist, agent or other party which will act on behalf of Telenor
  • We become aware that a Business Partner conducts business in a way that could reflect negatively on Telenor
  • Any Business Partner that has not been properly screened according to Telenor’s requirements
  • We become aware of other behaviour or circumstances that make us question the conduct or ethics of a Business Partner

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