What we need to know

  • Telenor does not tolerate bribery or improper payments or advantages of any kind
  • We are committed to conducting our business in an open and transparent manner
  • Bribery is illegal and exposes those involved and Telenor to reputational and legal risk
  • Bribery may take many forms including facilitation payments, kick-back schemes and the use of shell companies or hidden owners
  • Public Officials are often subject to strict anti-corruption rules and so should be treated with extra caution
  • Corruption in our supply chain may create significant risk for Telenor even if we are not directly involved
  • Gifts and hospitality may be considered bribery or providing an improper advantage in certain situations
  • Even charitable donations or sponsorships can be seen as bribes if undertaken to secure a commercial advantage

What is expected of us

  • We never engage in bribery or trading in influence
  • We never offer or accept an improper payment or advantage
  • We never request someone else to engage in conduct that we are not allowed to engage in ourselves
  • We carefully select our Business Partners and monitor their commitment to ethical and lawful conduct
  • We maintain our books and records to accurately and fairly reflect our business
  • We exercise appropriate caution when interacting with Public Officials
  • We assess the risks we may encounter and seek appropriate training and guidance to effectively manage them

What to look out for

  • We become aware of unusual or inflated payment terms that appear to have no clear business purpose
  • We suspect that a Business Partner is not complying with Telenor’s standards for business conduct
  • We become aware that a supplier is interacting with Public Officials to secure a license or permit on our behalf
  • Requests are made to donate to charities or sponsor organizations that may be affiliated with a Public Official
  • We are offered or requested to provide gifts, travel, donations or lavish entertainment or to make cash payments for any reason

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