Connecting you to what matters most. Empowering societies.

This is Telenor’s purpose. Building upon 165 years of experience within telecommunications and a history of both successes and mistakes, we’ve evolved our practices and our culture to run an ever more sustainable and responsible business. Striving to raise standards wherever we operate isn’t something we do to be nice or to satisfy stakeholders – we do it because we believe it is right, and because we know it is good business.

Always Explore, Create Together, Keep Promises, Be Respectful

Our behaviours summarise what the Telenor culture is and what we want it to be. They are both aspirational and descriptive, because our everyday business is a balancing act. We need to explore, innovate and find new solutions, but we also need to deliver with precision, efficiency and reliability. Delivering on both aspects is the key challenge – and the key to continued success – for Telenor today.

Our Code of Conduct – a baseline and foundation

The Code is also about how we do things in Telenor. But where our behaviours outline attitudes we strive for, the Code is prescriptive – it’s what we expect and require from each and every one of us, regardless of our designation, role or location. Our Code guides us through day-to-day dilemmas. It is the basis for how we behave as guardians of Telenor’s integrity.

The four Code Principles are designed to set clear expectations regarding our business conduct and to help us deal with challenges we may face in the course of our work. The Code provides clear rules and guidance, with further reference to relevant policy areas. But it cannot cover all possible events; it is a tool to help us make the right decision.

My expectation to you is simple: keep coming back to these reflections regularly and take time to go through the dilemmas you may face. We are all required to renew our commitment to the Code every year, and with continuous reflection, we can all succeed in being true guardians of our company's integrity.


15 July 2020