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We are committed to providing you with the best support to conduct business with Telenor.

Telenor's suppliers are critical to our business success. We engage valued suppliers across the globe who provide Telenor with goods and services so that we can focus on our mission. We seek to build a strong relationship with our suppliers and provide them with the best business practices and technologies that make it simpler to transact with us.

To stay competitive and improve overall efficiency and effectiveness in Procurement, Telenor partners with COUPA, a modern and agile cloud-based procure-to-pay platform, where suppliers can perform business transactions including order confirmation, invoice creation, checking the status of transactions, and more. Through the harmonized single platform and automated processes, we thrive on mutual benefits and create more synergy.

Supplier Portal Introduction Video

Benefits of our supplier portal

Process Quality

Receive and view purchase orders, invoices and credit notes

Better Invoice Management

Suppliers can create, monitor, send invoices and accelerated accurate On-Time payments

User Friendly

Suppliers can easily use the web-based application without installing of hardware or software

Effective Communication

Communications between supplier and Telenor Is done through the front-end system and histories of all communications can be accessed easily

Free of Charge

The Telenor Coupa Supplier Portal is free for all suppliers of Telenor

Need help?

The demo videos, user guides and FAQs will help you understand the portal.

User guides and FAQs

User Guides

Download the document (3.8 MB) PDF


Download the document (1.1 MB) PDF

Demo Videos

  • Get Help

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  • Profile Setup

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  • Announcements

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  • Orders

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  • Catalogs

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  • Admin User

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  • Invoice Intro

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  • Create an invoice from a purchase order

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  • Create an invoice from a contract

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  • Create a blank invoice

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  • Create a credit note

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If you need further assistance, please reach out to a point of contact of a Business Unit at Telenor.