The telecom industry has the power to transform society, which is why corporate responsibility is an important part of how Telenor operates.

Using mobile technology to improve farming skills

Thai farmers can access useful information on agricultural developments by using the dtac service “*1677 Farmer Information Superhighway”.

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Telenor Sweden takes a stand against sexual abuse

Telenor Sweden has taken a stand against sexual abuse of children by partnering with ECPAT.

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“Stop Digital Bullying”

Telenor Serbia has set the fight against digital bullying as its priority.

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Serbia receives environmental certificate

Telenor is the first operator in Serbia to receive the Environmental Management Certificate.


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Telenor Ethical Company Award

Telenor Hungary grants the first Telenor Ethical Company Award to recognize and encourage strong ethical conduct among Hungarian businesses.

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Supply Chain Sustainability

We work to improve sustainability standards across the supply chain.

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Environment and Climate

Telenor is committed to minimizing its environmental impact, and makes all reasonable efforts to reduce the use of resources, such as energy, water and raw materials.


Human rights

We approach important human rights like freedom of expression and privacy rights on a global level.

Ratings and Awards


Telenor has been ranked among the top performers on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index in the telecom industry for the past 12 years.


Telenor was ranked the second most sustainable telecom company in 2012.


Telenor Group has been ranked as one of the global telecom companies with highest carbon disclosure scores by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) 2013