“In one sense, TYF is a competition where we try to be the best by beating our competition. However, it has not felt that way, because we have wanted our friends to succeed, not simply because we are friends, but also because the challenges are unsurmountable… and need to be dealt with.”

–TYF 2016 Delegate

Do you want to be part of a year-long program that challenges young leaders to tackle big, social issues?

Take a look at the typical TYF delegate journey:

TYF2018: Bright minds, reducing inequalities

In collaboration with the Nobel Peace, the Telenor Youth Forum brings together young leaders from around the world to develop digital solutions that reduce inequalities and empower societies.

With physical gatherings in Oslo and in Bangkok, the Telenor Youth Forum is a six month-long programme that is run in collaboration with the Nobel Peace Center (NPC).This event aims to help transform the world we live in by tackling social challenges through digital solutions.

The selected TYF delegates will commit to the programme for six months, over the course of which they will work as a team to create dialogue and engagement around a social challenge. They will work in collaboration with the overall aim to foster understanding, prosperity and ultimately, peace.

With young and promising delegates recruited from our markets, #TYF is a journey that starts in Oslo, during the Nobel Peace Prize events in December 2018. It will continue through the year, with a second gathering in Bangkok, where the youth will come together once again to continue creating momentum around their social challenge. The culmination of this six months-long commitment will be the unveiling of a digital exhibition, in collaboration with the Nobel Peace Center, documenting the work of the teams, the social challenges faced and the progress made.

The Exhibition will be showcased at the Nobel Peace Center as well as online.