WowBox reaches 10 million users

WowBox has reached 10 million registered users. The Telenor-developed app was launched in Bangladesh in May 2015, and has since been launched in Pakistan and Myanmar.

Easy usage and exclusivity

For some of Telenor’s customers, WowBox has been their first introduction to digital content consumption. WowBox is filled with localized content, like trending news, sport updates, in-built games, free music, lifestyle articles, competitions, love testers and much more. All users can easily purchase data packs with a simple click, which means that WowBox is aiming to be a one-stop-shop where you can find the internet content you need within one app.

“By introducing exclusive lifestyle content we managed to drive high user engagement, which differentiated our app from any other platforms. Surfing within the app does not require data usage, and customers have responded well to the offers and promotions in the app,” says Gunnar Sellæg, Head of Products & Marketing for Telenor Group.

Local content is key to success

The team behind WowBox finds local relevance and insight to be the main success factors for reaching the 10 million milestone. The app makes both internet content and Telenor products easier accessible by lowering the barriers for usage, and now generates more than one million weekly sales. Another aim has been to inform, educate and entertain through the app. WowBox registers more than 100 million clicks monthly, out of which 70 % is for lifestyle content and 30 % are in the store where users can purchase Telenor data products. The loyalty program has driven retention and user satisfaction, as customers earn more when they engage more. Since the launch two years ago, WowBox has generated more than 100 million purchases within the app.

“We see that the most preferred lifestyle content in all three markets is entertainment and news,” explains Gunnar. “Movie reviews, music articles, games, fashion and health and beauty tips are popular. The same goes for local and sports news as well as tech news.”

Gunnar emphasizes the need for constant improvement. “A dedicated WowBox team with the ability to quickly adjust the app after feedback from customers, in addition to a tech team which has been given freedom to make decisions has been a driver. Our app is not perfect, but we are constantly increasing content relevance, improving user experience and introducing new product features,” says Gunnar.