With iFleet, Digi ventures into IoT world

Digi are venturing into a new area of business – the internet of things (IoT). Earlier in June they launched iFleet, an IoT-based fleet management system for vehicles, targeting the B2B market.

Written: Jul 2017

iFleet is the first solution within the connected vehicle vertical in Digi, and targets commercial vehicles. It allows businesses to track their vehicles in real-time, and will help them manage their business more efficiently. The solution is unique in the Malaysian market by being the most robust all-in-one solution; taking care of hardware, software and connectivity in one go.

Digi is piloting the innovative IoT solution in several different industries; from fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and automobile industry to infrastructure, with brands like Peugeot, Kia, Gamuda and Citylink on the customer list.

Growing business in Malaysia

Connected vehicles and insurance telematics have been identified as two of the fastest growing use cases for IoT in Malaysia, and will contribute towards the expected RM9.5 bn Gross National Income creation by 2020; thus representing a considerable business opportunity for Digi. As Digi’s Chief Digital Office, Praveen Rajan, puts it; “Digi’s focus on the IoT market represents a clear and natural strategy that we are undertaking to diversify revenue streams as we transform from a telecommunications provider into a digital company. By leveraging our solid 4G+ network, this is an opportunity for us to better monetise data and draw a broader audience to our new digital offerings that package connectivity with intelligent solutions. It is about translating digital into real business value for us with bottom-line impact for our customers.”

Learn more about the new product in the video below:

The future of IoT in Digi

The launch of iFleet is the first of several steps in Digi’s overall IoT strategy. In addition to rolling this out to B2B market with iFleet, Digi will target the B2C and B2B2B segments in the second half of 2017. The B2C solution will offer private vehicle owners tracking, driver safety, vehicle security and smart in-vehicle services. Another solution will be a usage-based insurance solution, which entails that safe drivers can incur lower insurance premiums. This promotes safer driving habits and simultaneously reduces insurance claims loss ratio for the insurers. The solution is likely to be activated in July 2017.

Learn more about iFleet by visiting their website here.