“Wanita Era Digital” empowers Malaysian women with internet & digital skills

Digi Wanita Era Digital to empower Malaysian women with the internet and digital skills; almost 100 Digizens and counting have volunteered to help make an impact on women across Malaysia.

Last updated: Sep 2016

Digi Wanita Era Digital is one of seven programmes Digi has developed under the Empower Societies initiative to enable different community groups in urban and rural areas, netizens, youth, children, the underprivileged and now women, to enjoy the benefits of being connected.

Wanita Era Digital is a nationwide outreach to inspire and empower women in Malaysia through greater internet adoption and education on basic internet skills. The programme will be rolled out together with the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and the National Council of Women’s Organisations (NCWO).

Building Internet & Digital Skills

The main thrust of DigiWED is a series of educational meet-ups that will be conducted at 1Malaysia Internet Centres and NCWO affiliates’ offices around the country. 20160122_DigiWED%202

These meet-ups will introduce women to basic, safe usage of smart devices and the internet for communicating, sharing, browsing, and entertainment, as well as give them good reasons to use the internet. In the near future, Digi plans to expand DigiWED to help women take their business online and actively participate in the digital economy. The programme is also open to requests from the public to bring DigiWED to any community across Malaysia.

The opportunity to impact: 6 million unconnected women

“There is a great opportunity to bring meaningful change by bridging the digital gender gap, and addressing the barriers to internet adoption among women – which are not knowing how to get online and not having reasons for use. The internet is a powerful instrument of transformation but it must be accompanied by skills and confidence for women to use it as a tool for empowerment. And we hope Digi Wanita Era Digital will inspire Malaysian women to take advantage of the freedom to connect and benefit from all the opportunities that flow from it – not only as an internet consumer but also an active participant in the digital economy.

We know when women thrive, so do their families, communities and society as a whole. In this respect, we imagine the internet in the hands of every Malaysian woman; to see them connected and empowered – that is Digi’s ambition.” says Orsolya Sekerka, Chief IT Officer Digi and WED Champion.