Trend Watch: 5 areas phone & accessory-powered AI can impact you

Written: Oct 2017

(1) Interior Decoration:

Through image recognition, you can receive advice on the “suggested price” to sell your furniture.

(2) Gardening:

Your smartphone can detect with remarkable accuracy if your plant is sick.

(3) Language translation:

Want to know how it feels like to have a ‘personal translator’ by your side? Headphones can provide you with a translation about 1-2 seconds after the person has finished saying their sentence.

(4) Photography:

A camera clipped to your clothing can identify photo opportunities and snap pictures for you.  So if, for example, your baby is smiling or there is a nice view – the camera will automatically snap a picture!

(5) Health:

Your phone can monitor all your movements and detect changes in behavior that might be indicative of an ailment such as a heart attack, for example.


Insight by: Telenor Research