The Telenor Trainee experience: Harald Konsberg

From the CEO’s office in Malaysia to late night barbeque gatherings in Oslo, Harald’s trainee year in Telenor was as diverse as it was exciting.

Written: Nov 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Name: Harald Konsberg

Position: Process Manager, Telenor Norway Fixed and TV

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How will you describe a year as a trainee at Telenor?

A year full of opportunities and learnings! I worked in different roles and on various projects, in different units across Telenor, both in Norway and abroad. The great variation in the tasks and the teams was something I really appreciated; it ranged from being part of larger teams to be responsible to plan and execute projects. For instance, another trainee and I got the responsibility to analyze a make-or-buy situation. By the end of the project, we provided a recommendation on what actions to take to a number of management teams across Telenor Norway. That was exciting!

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Did you know that Telenor has mobile operations in nine different countries?

What were the most interesting parts of the traineeship?

In my opinion, the trainee program provides three major interesting opportunities. Firstly, you get to learn a lot in a short time period through rotations across the company and interactions with top management. Secondly, you quickly get a holistic understanding of how a large multinational company like Telenor functions. Thirdly, you get to build an extensive network of bright and fun colleagues. From the first day I arrived at Telenor, I felt a sense of belonging to both the trainees in my group and the former ones. The trainee community provides a great opportunity to make new friends in a large company like Telenor. We had a lot of fun together throughout the year, both at and outside work.

Telenor’s traineeship has a large social element to it. Both current and former trainees often meet up for weekly social events.

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You spent one month working abroad in another country where Telenor operates. Where did you go and how was the experience?

I went to South-East Asia to work at Digi, Telenor’s subsidiary in Malaysia. I was placed in the CEO’s office and worked with a great team on two different projects. In one of the projects, I supported the development of the plan to communicate the company’s strategy, while in the other I worked with various profitability analyses together with local trainees. All Digizens (Digi employees) I met and worked with were warm and welcoming. They were very keen to show me around and make sure I experienced local cuisine and culture. For instance, every day we went ‘off campus’ to grab lunch at local restaurants. Overall, I would say that the month abroad was the icing on the trainee program cake!

When Malaysia went into COVID-19 lockdown, Digi’s store workers transformed themselves into online retail agents