The Telenor Trainee experience: Caroline Stormorken

Caroline has soared high as a Telenor Trainee, in everything from personal meetings with the company’s CEOs to hot air balloons rides across the Myanmar plains.

Written: Nov 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Name: Caroline Stormorken

Position: Business Developer IoT, Telenor Norway Mobile

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How will you describe a year as a trainee at Telenor?

It’s a year perfectly balanced between having fun and being challenged; the ideal to kick-off your career. As a trainee, you get responsibilities from day one: you get to try out different roles, you get to go abroad to work in one of Telenor’s business units, and you get to meet and discuss different topics with top management. Not many people can say they’ve met more or less the entire top management team within their first week of employment, but Telenor trainees can.

Caroline and the other trainees in meeting with Sigve Brekke, President and CEO of Telenor Group.

Did you know that Telenor has mobile operations in nine different countries?

What were the most interesting parts of the traineeship?

Working abroad in Myanmar was definitely one of the highlights of my trainee year. In general, too, working in a large multinational company, with all the business perspective learning that comes along, is exceptionally interesting. Also, I have to mention the social aspect of the traineeship. Trainees are always surrounded by friendly and interesting people who are eager to help out and make sure their new colleagues are settling in well. I also really appreciated that all the trainees, both old and new, met up for professional and social activities on a weekly basis. All future Telenor trainees can expect to make lots of new friends.

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You spent one month working abroad in another country where Telenor operates. Where did you go and how was the experience?

I went to Myanmar. Compared to Norway, almost everything is different there. It was amazing to learn about the people, the culture, and Telenor’s operations abroad. The days we spent working on different projects, while the evenings and weekends were spent exploring the country. To give you a taste, Bagan city by hot air balloon, swimming at the beautiful Ngwe Saung Beach, and we visited the many beautiful, golden Pagodas. An experience to remember!

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