The Largest Anti-Bullying School Tour in Norway

Telenor Norway’s Bruk Hue or Be Smart Use Heart is the largest school tour against digital bullying. Since 2009, Bruk Hue-tour has visited over 700 schools, talked to 217,000 children and 45,000 parents about digital bullying and netiquette.

Last updated: Aug 2016

Bruk Hue has been developed by Telenor Norway, Norwegian Media Authority, the NGO Kids and Media, and the Norwegian Red Cross through its Kors på halsen [Cross My Heart] helpline for children. The aim is to prevent digital bullying by engaging and awareness among children, adolescents and adults about netiquette.

Addressing an important issue

A survey carried out by Opinion on behalf of Telenor in 2015 has shown that 11 and 12 year olds are very active on social media, and one in three children has received hurtful messages online or via their mobile.


“There is a tremendous popularity pressure on social media, and this pressure starts at a young age. It is important to talk to your children about this, especially the younger ones. We have therefore developed a new lecture just for these children”, says project manager for Bruk Hue and head of the department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability in Telenor Norway, Ana Brodtkorb.


Bruk Hue is out there to raise awareness on the issue of digital bullying; to spread knowledge about which situations that may lead to bullying and how to avoid these situations. The campaign also acknowledges the legal and psychological consequences of digital bullying.

The school tour against digital bullying travels across Norway to secondary schools and primary schools with its Bruk Hue lecture. The program dives into the online interests of children and young people with concrete examples and practical advice to get understand and address digital bullying.

Children, the Young, Parents & Teachers find it useful

A survey carried out amongst Norwegian teachers present at the trainings reveals that 100 per cent believed Bruk Hue was useful for pupils, while 96 per cent believed that Bruk Hue   can prevent instances of online bullying. Moreover, 7 out of 10 children and adolescents who have experienced Bruk Hue say that they now know how to handle digital bullying, while 9 out of 10 parents say they learned something they did not know before.


As part of the campaign against digital bullying, Telenor has developed a bullying filter aimed at blocking the bullies out from your mobile. The service is free and experience shows that many are in need of this service.

Strengthening the fight against digital bullying

The Norwegian Government has supported Bruk Hue ever since its launch in 2009. On the occasion of the Safer Internet Day 12 February, children and parents were counselled in at the Red Cross HQ in Oslo. Also speaking at the event was His Royal Highness Prince Haakon Magnus of Norway who noted that ‘Social media is a part of our future’ but that ‘good tools need to be handled carefully in order to work as we need them to’.

The programme is also supported by several famous personalities and celebrities who especially appeal to the target audience.